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Chair Repair
Chair Repair

Chair Repair

Chairs are among the least cared for furniture pieces in homes today. However, they are considered to be among the most used. Unlike couches, sofas and settee, chairs are relatively smaller and built to fit only one person. They come in different sizes, designs, and styles. You can have them upholstered or you can just leave them in their original design. Chairs can be bought in sets to match your home’s interior

or you can have them customized to match other furniture pieces in your home.

Sofas and couches can only accommodate a limited number of people, and in cases like this, chairs can become really handy. However, they tend to get damaged by excessive usage, old age or accidents. If your chair is damaged,

you do not have to dispose of it immediately.


All you have to do is get a professional chair repair from Heritage Furniture Restoration. There are many benefits that you can get from a Heritage Furniture Restoration chair repair besides fixing your chair. Repairing your damage chair can save you costs on purchasing new chair replacements. Also, if your chair is an antique that has been in your family for many years, you do not want to throw it away easily. It might be easily saved by a Heritage Furniture Repair chair repair.

Aside from that, if your chair is customized to match the furniture sets in your home or your interior, it will be difficult and costly to find a replacement. 

At Heritage Furniture Restoration, We repair and restore all types of chairs.

Most of our chair customers need their loose and wobbly dining chairs tightened. Average cost for a tightening is $35.00 

We also strip and refinish many different styles of chairs.

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